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Exp and honesty = perfectly riding bike  

Website doesn't lie or disappoint. Best money I've spent on my bike in a long time.

Philly    July 20, 2020  
Amazing service, amazing results  

I never had to do anything to the suspension on any of my bikes. Likewise for my wife. We always assumed they rode the way the did and never did much beyond adjusting preload a bit. But when my wife and I both purchased new bikes we realized we needed to get the suspension tuned. My 2014 Monster 1200s was set for the previous owner and my wife's 2014 Streetfighter 848 had been lowered 1/2 inch in the rear. I opted for the basic tune which made an incredible difference, and, as the site suggests, she went with the advanced tune for the necessary geometry changes. I could definetely feel a difference in the way my bike handled and when she came back from her test ride she had a huge smile on her face. She said the bike finally felt the way the reviews had made it seem like it should. Amazing job Dax, we appreciate your hard work and amazing service.

Jon Schulman    May 25, 2020   Yucca Valley, CA   
CBR600f4i suspension tune  

I knew my suspension was setup very poorly, as it was extremely unstable mid corner, shot out of corners wide, and HATED mid corner bumps, but after getting my suspension tuned it feels like a completely new bike. It’s stable, goes exactly where I want it to, and can actually handle a bump mid corner lol. Absolutely blown away. His slogan is real, best $40 ive ever spent.

Damon malick    May 25, 2020  
Real deal.  

Dax is the real deal, for sure. I’ve had suspension tuners for my dirt bike but not my street bike. I was a little unsure of how things would go. Lucky for me there was another customer in front of me and I could here them discussing things. After listening to their conversation, I knew I’d picked the right guy. He explained so many things about what tires were telling me , that I had no clue to. He took his time making the adjustments, had me go out and ride then made more. I was so impressed about his knowledge and abilities that I just couldn’t get over it. Immediately went out and rode close to 300 miles that day and the next day had a question. He emailed me back within 10 minutes not once but twice. I am over the moon with how the bike handles now. I cannot recommend him enough. Without a doubt the best $40 I’ve ever spent hands-down.

Leroy Jones    April 6, 2020  
Suspension Voodoo Solved  

Dax took my new GSXR750 and made it perform the way I was expecting it to out of the box - Adjusted all the compression, rebound, ride height, fixed lever position - basically took a look at everything and like others have commented he shared a ton of knowledge along the way. Totally noticeable better handling and ride - I actually now know what a flick feels like! And for $40?? Ridiculously good deal...

Charlie    January 20, 2020   Temecula   
New Ohlins for BMW R9T  

I took the R9T here today. Forty bucks to get my Ohlins set up front and back. Man, what a difference.

Out of the box the new suspension made turn in difficult, and the bike wanted to stand up mid corner. The fork rebound when getting off the front brakes was like an ejection seat. Speaking of seats, when hard on the throttle I felt like I was bottoming out.

Forty dollars and forty minutes later ALL of that was fixed. Turn in is great. I'm not having to fight/muscle the bike to maintain my line. It's super neutral, responding to light input. Rear is no longer bottoming. Fork rebound no longer feels like a catapult.

I need to learn more about how to set up my own suspension, but until then, I couldn't recommend this kind of service more if you haven't already adjusted your bike for you.

Mike V    January 4, 2020  
What a difference!  

Upon arrival I didn’t know what to expect, especially having little experience on how the suspension works. Ive had my CBR 600RR for about a month and knew something was off. Dax knew exactly what it was right away. He also explained everything he was doing and what difference I would expect. Now after the adjustments, I went for a test ride and let me tell you.. this was a whole new bike. Everything felt effortless. The bike would go where I would tell it to instead of the other way around. I would highly recommend to make an appointment.
Dax is the man.

John V    December 17, 2019  
Why did I wait so long!?  

Brought my bike like 2 and a half months ago and right off I could tell there was something wrong with it. I thought it was maybe my tires or just the roads were really bad in certain areas but the bikes I have owned before never felt like this. I would get high speed wobbles in turns that I know I can take at faster speeds and it got to a point where riding just wasn’t fun anymore, it was dangerous! I set up my appointment with Dax not knowing what to expect. I was a little on the skeptical side as I arrived but the bike he was working on before mines was an older version of the Honda CBR. As soon as he started working on my bike he started explaining everything he was going to do and even gave me tips and recommendations. After tuning he let me take a test ride and I swear to you that was the first time I felt comfortable on that bike. I highly recommend you go see Dax and get your bikes suspension done. He is knowledgeable and really out to help you as a rider. Best money I ever spent on a bike! Thank you Dax!!!

Aaron    August 2, 2019   San Diego   
I didn't know what I was missing...  

Dax's slogan is right, best $40 I could ever spend on my bike. I had been riding my r6 for about 6 months, wondering why i couldn't get comfortable at speed in the corners. After Dax worked his magic, my riding confidence shot through the roof. My bike handles like a dream. He even walked me through what he was doing as he was doing it and I learned a lot. I'll definitely be back when I need fork work and highly recommend Sportbike Suspension Tuning!

Jared Simms    October 6, 2018   La mesa   
Ducati suspension tune  

Thanks to Dax, my bike feels like it SHOULD. I’ve been fighting my bike for so long. And now that I have cartridges and a proper tune, its so much effortless now. The bike turns is so QUICK! Night and day difference! I will be recommending all my friends to SST!!

Darnell    July 18, 2018   San Diego, CA   

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